Jamie Alascia
Yoga Instructor, Earth Energy Healer, Bellydance Instructor, Reiki practitioner, EFT facilitator, Journaling creator

Nerd? Check! Forever weirdo? Yes! Book lover? Hid in my bed with a flashlight as a kid. Any of this sound familiar?


Before I knew these things, before I embraced who I was, before I knew that being different was a gift, there was abandonment and abuse. They were my first, painful teachers. I escaped the screaming house to climb trees and find silence and strength. I sobbed into my headphones reading my 16th birthday card detailing how I was never wanted on this Earth. I hid inside of my stories when the world called me fat. 

Then I found a magical place...a college full of women who had the same hurts, the same stories, the same wants and dreams that I had. We built one another up and grew ourselves into mighty trees that could not be blown over so easily. I learned that women can and do support and lift one another up.

And that it wasn't just a fluke of time and place.

This can and has happened my whole life since that time. I have learned that to lead with love and to be open to possibility are the greatest gifts you can give yourself. I have delved ever deeper into the early encounter with the Earth's healing Energy and now direct it through singing bowls and wands as well. I became a Reiki Master and EFT/TFT practitioner in order to discover even more ways to help heal others. Then my lifelong love of Yoga transformed into certification, and the pursuit of a Yoga Therapy Certification. I pursue methods of healing others as a way to expand myself. And the best part is that I then get the share that knowledge and help heal the world one human at a time. For that is the only way forward. One loving heart at a time.

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