Jamie Alascia
Yoga Instructor, Bellydance Instructor, Reiki practitioner, EFT facilitator, Journaling facilitator, Energy healer

Besides being an amazing hugger, Jamie is also an Earth energy healer, a gift she discovered during her childhood spent in nature. She was often found high up in a tree, just absorbing the beautiful feelings, sights, and sounds. 

In her teens, she began to practice yoga, and found she had a knack for it, and that it truly helped her in mind, body, and soul during those difficult years. She dreamt of becoming a teacher, a dream that finally (officially) came true in the Fall of 2018. 

Journaling has also been a lifelong passion of hers. She has been journaling since she was a small child, and has grown to be a real journal and pen lover. She enjoys teaching workshops on how to get started with journaling so that others will feel the magic she has experienced for years. 

She found her second movement passion in 2005 when she took her first Bellydance class. She has a passion for teaching this empowering dance, and has taught since 2010. 

Since moving to Oregon in 2018, Jamie has pursued certifications in several different healing modalities so that she would have many different tools to use when healing clients: She is now a certified Reiki Master in the Usui tradition; She is certified in Donna Eden's Energy Medicine healing; She is certified to lead EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping; and she is certified in both Gypsy Caravan tribal style Bellydance and Keti Sharif's A-Z Bellydance.  

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